1336 - 017I taught myself to crochet in August 2016 in honour of my Grannie, Mabel Eileen and I have finally discovered my true craft passion. I noticed in my journey that not all designers design and write patterns that can be used by anyone and everyone. I also noticed that I prefer to adapt patterns to my own style. It is my mission to close that gap for you.

My patterns are all written with UK and US crochet terms included. All my patterns are written in an easy to use language that is easy to follow. I got tired of losing track with stitches in patterns, so I developed my own method that reduces the chance of messing it up! No one likes to frog their work. And all of my patterns are adaptable! I include notes that help you to add your own twist so that you can feel like the design is yours and only yours!

And if you can’t crochet but would love to own something that was designed just for you – then my made to order section is just for you! I understand that not everyone can (or wants) to crochet, but my passion is strong enough that I would like to make things for you! Send me a message and we’ll take it from there.

This shop is to further honour my Grannie and share my love of crochet with as many people as possible by making patterns and crochet items available to everyone.

I hope you’ll follow me on this journey…and join me in my mission to bring a unique and modern vibe to the world of crochet. I have a vision to lead others into learning the craft and to encourage them to bring their own style into the items they make too.