HI! Welcome to my store.

It is my mission to bring a unique and modern vibe to the world of crochet. I have a vision to lead others into learning the craft and to encourage them to bring their own style into the items they make. I do this by providing you with versatile patterns, that I love and that represent me and my unique, yet elegant and timeless style.

I love to design and create all things crochet. The patterns available are all written from items that I have created myself and enjoyed making them! I want everyone to love crochet as much as I do, and I want every one to enjoy the experience of making the items when they follow one of my patterns. I am passionate about creating new things and adapting patterns to make them unique to me. I encourage you to do the same with all my patterns too!

Within every pattern you will find guidance on how to make changes to make it your own. This means that you will get more than one pattern when you make a purchase from my store, as each one enables you to make changes to make each item you make from it different.

I would love it too if you shared your makes with me! Tag them on instagram with #honouringmecrochet and show off your work!

Not seeing anything you like?? The let me know! What is it you would like to see? I'm always open to new ideas - just send me an email at and let me know what it is you want!


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