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Lola’s are a new gradient yarn that I have been falling in love with!There are so many to choose from and like the Wollfamos, you can also create your own.The yarn used in this one is a Glitter Lola which means that it has a single thread of shiny yarn through the entire yarn cake.It is a little different to work with because the glitter thread has a different texture and feel to the other thread.The colour I picked reminds me of fairy floss, hence the name for the pattern!

This is a very simple pattern so that the glitter in the Lola can shine

Don’t limit yourself to just using a Glitter Lola on this pattern. It will be suitable for any gradient yarns. If you do want a glitter you can purchase it from BellMae Yarns.

Suitable for a beginner.

You will need at least 1000m of yarn and a 3.5mm hook.

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