Stitches – Crochet Beginner Course

Who is it for?

Stitches is a beginner course designed for anyone that has never attempted crochet before, or has tried but not succeeded in learning, or who has crocheted in the past but forgotten everything they learned.

our teaching team

Seona Roberts

Course founder

I’m passionate about crochet and helping others to learn.  Crochet appears to be complicated, but I will show you that by learning from the very beginning you will find it much easier to learn the craft.

Practice makes perfect

I know about your hectic schedule. I also know the only way you truly learn to crochet is to start learning from the beginning and build on each skill that you master. This is why the course has been designed to teach you from the very beginning, and the lessons are staggered so that you have time to learn and practice one skill set before adding on the net.

Learning is all online

By learning online, you can learn without the stress and pressure of other classmates around you.  You can learn at your own pace in a place you’re comfortable to learn in and call on me for extra assistance as you need it.

Learn in your own time

This course will be included in the Hooked on Crochet Club  so that as a member you have access to the basics that you will need to then master the clubhouse patterns.  

The Lessons