Starts May 17th. 5 days - 5 topics - daily live tutorials - daily cheat sheets

We're here to help you learn

Have wanted to learn crochet and found yourself stuck with where to start?  Or maybe you started and then got lost because you just couldn’t figure out where to move to next?  Maybe you jumped into a project and got lost because you couldn’t follow the pattern or figure out the video guide properly?

This crochet beginners bootcamp is designed to take away the struggle of getting started.

We'll get you hooked

It’s intensive, but in 5 days we’ll give you the confidence to start crocheting.  We’ll have covered all that you need to know to get started and how to trouble shoot when things go wrong. 

By the end of the 5 days you’ll 

  • know the basic stitches,
  • understand working in rounds and rows, 
  • be familiar with some stitches that give you texture and
  • start reading a pattern to create a square

Meet me!

I’m Seona (rhymes with Fiona) and I’ll be your Bootcamp Leader.  I have the Hooked on Crochet Club and I love to teach crochet. I’m also passionate about ensuring that you have access to all the tools you need to give you the confidence to crochet.  I understand how daunting it can be to learn something new, and that is why I designed this this bootcamp.  I want to take away the overwhelm and give you the starting points to all that you need to start you out on your crochet journey.


How will we get you hooked?

Over 5 days we’ll host daily live tutorials and provide you with cheat sheets to help you on your journey.

You’ll be introduced to the basic stitches which form the building blocks of most crochet techniques.

We’ll show you how to work in rounds and rows and how to  trouble shoot when things go wrong.

You’ll learn some of the special stitches that give texture and introduce you to reading patterns.

You’ll learn about squares and how you can use them and we’ll make a square live using a chart

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